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The Albert Coates Memorial Trust raises funds to sponsor a number of annual student scholarships at tertiary level and two prizes at St Albert's old primary school in Ballarat. An important criterion for the Awards is a demonstrated ability to achieve academically whilst over-coming challenging circumstances. The Trust particularly offers scholarships to assist the advancement of training for regionally based nurses, doctors and rural health workers.

Below is a list of student awards and information on how to apply.


 * Department of Health, Victoria: Rural Nursing Scholarships

*  Gippsland Region Applications Now Being Invited - See details below

In 2009 the Albert Coates Trust introduced a new range of scholarships offered specifically for the post-graduate training of rural  emergency care nurses. The scholarships are provided with the very generous support of the Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women.  The scholarships are designed to meet the costs involved in the selected training program.

Initially the scholarships were only offered for nurses commencing Nurse Practitioner courses.  It is still possible to apply for support for this level of training.  In 2013 a new award to assist nurses undertaking RIPERN (Regional & Isolated Practice Endorsed Registered Nurse) Program training was introduced. The first group of RIPERN awards was selected in late 2013 with awardees to be presented with their certificates and cheques in 2014.  In 2014 Critical Care Nursing courses were also added to the range of eligible training courses.  Nurse Practitioner, RIPERN and Critical Care Nursing courses remain our primary focus in 2016.

Applications and Selection Process

Scholarships are invited from eligible candidates each year. Candidates must be employed in a regional health care service.

Please note that a different Health Department Region is selected each year.  The next round is 2016/2017 and the region is Gippsland.  Applications for the 2016/2017 scholarships are open from June 20th and must be submitted by September 8th.  The nursing training coordinator in Gippsland is Jacqui Hickey at Traralgon.  She will coordinate distribution of applications and guidelines.  Scholarships are presented each year at the discretion of the independant selection panel on the basis of applications received and an interview. Interviews will be conducted at the Nurses Memorial Centre in Melbourne in early October and awards advised in November/December.

For further information about the rural emergency care nursing scholarships please contact the Albert Coates Memorial Trust via the website email or by letter to The Secretary, Albert Coates Memorial Trust, P. O. Box 2478, Bakery Hill, Victoria, 3354.  

Awardees for Rural Emergency Nursing, including Nurse Practitioner, RIPERN and Critical Care courses

2015 - Alison Noble
         Kellie Woodhouse
         Michelle Holland
         Ken Holland
         Nicole Magnisalis
         Susan White
         Lynne Coates
         Emma-Jane Lush

2014 - Bissy Ajithkumar
         Katherine Pitcher
         Sharon Bartlett
         Rebecca Kay

2013 - Round One
       - Bissy Ajithkumar
2013 - Round Two
       - Judith Thomson
       - Trish Heinrich
       - Kate Pitcher
       - Ros Thomas
2012 - Ruth Clifton
2011 - Margaret 'Jade' Beechey
       - Susan Hollingworth
       - Rachel Taylor
2010 - Debra Daniels
       - Justine Rea
       - Martin Starick
2009 - Elizabeth Newton
       - Tricia Kinsey
2008 - Breanna Barber (Wimmera Health Care Group, Horsham)
       - Carmen Grenfell (Ballarat Health Services)
       - Deborah Clancy (Rural Northwest Health, Warracknabeal)


* University of Melbourne/ Royal Australasian College of Surgeons:

Graduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy Awarded to the outstanding graduate in the course.
The Prize is valued at $5,000.

Selection Process:

This scholarship is open to enrolled students in the Graduate Dilpoma in Surgical Anatomy.  The awardee is selected by the course administrators on the basis of academic results  achieved during the course.  No formal application for this scholarship is required.  All candidates completing the course are eligible.


2015 - Dr Brian Chee
2014 - Dr Anton Musiienko
2013 - Dr Margaret Pilling
2012 - Dr James Walcott
2011 - Dr Anthony Dinh Ta
2010 - Dr Chun Hin Angus Lee
2009 - Dr Justin O'Brian
2008 - Dr Michael Kok-Yee Hong
2007 - Dr. Alenka Paddle
2006 - Dr Glen Guerra
2005 - Dr Carley Vuillerman
2004 - Dr Raoul Mayer
2003 - Dr Christina Foley
2002 - Dr Raymond Kin Tong
2001 - Dr Francesco Gaillard

racosa 01 racosa 02
Official party at the 2011 RACS Graduation Ceremony for the Graduate Diploma in Surgical Anatomy Dr Anthony Dinh Ta, Coates prize winner,  addresses the 2011 RACS Graduation Ceremony
racosa 03 racosa 04
Coates Trust Secretary with Dr Anthony Dinh Ta Dr Michael Kok-Yee Hong, 2008 RACS winner, speaking at the Graduation Ceremony.
racosa 05 racosa 06
  Dr Justin O'Brien, receiving the 2009 Coates Prize from Trust Chair Ted Lynes at the RACS Graduation Ceremony.

 * Federation University Australia : Albert Coates Scholarships

Application Process and Selection for Albert Coates Scholarships at Federation university Australia

Applications for each of the Federation University Awards are invited at the beginning of each academic year, normally closing in late March. Please refer to the Federation University website for information on how to apply and a copy of the latest application guidelines and application form.  Each prize given at the University of Ballarat is valued at $2,500. See the Links section of this website.

- School of Nursing (Albert Coates Prize)


2015 - Sandra Cahir
2014 - Scott Wearin
2013 - Tracey Hallam
2012 - Krystal Morris
2011 - Larecia Glenwright
2010 - Adrienne Ryan
2009 - Leanne Douwe
2008 - Serena Halligan
2007 - Erin McQualter
2006 - Roslyn Armstrong
2004 - Joint Winners: Leanne Dunn - Natalie Magri
2003 - Susan Tournier

- School of Visual Arts (James H Pryor Prize)


2015 - Patricia Taylor
2014 - Minna Graham
2013 - Felizitas Wansbrough
2012 - Carleen Harmon
2011 - Kylie Lidgerwood
2010 - Joint Winners -  Alison Desmond and Frances Deutscher
2009 - Sarah Klas
2008 - Cody Joy
2007 - No Award presented
2006 - Esther Hill
2004 - Nicole McWhinney

- School of Biomedical Science (W&D Finance Prize)


2015 - Michelle Steicke
2014 - Deandra Tanner
2013 - Rainbow Silvertree
2012 - Ingrid Wise
2011 - Rebecca Murphy

- School of Engineering - Civil (FMP Prize)

Inaugural Awardee:

2008 - Prajeesh Puthiyareettil
2007 - No Award presented
2006 - No Award presented
2004 - Stephen Briody

 * Federation University Australia : Albert Coates Oration

 - The Coates Oration is held each year in Ballarat at Fedration University Australia.

2015 Speaker
Dr. Lachlan Grant - "Voices from the Past: recovering memories of POWs for The Changi Book, 70 years on"

2014 Speaker -
Lt. General Ken Gillespie - "Serving Australia: The ANZAC Legacy of Albert Coates."

2013 Speaker -
Dr Rosalind Hearder - "Coates and Co., Australian Doctors in Japanese Captivity During the Second World War."

2012 Speaker -
Lynette Silver OAM - "Beyond the Call (Australians at War in the Far East)."

2011 Speaker -
Prof. Mark Hogarth - "Medical research and 21st century biotechnology.  A triumph over adversity?"

2010 Speaker -
Prof. Bruce Waxman - "Triumphs and disasters: journeys of a Surgeon's life"

2009 Speaker -
Dr Lynn Hemmings -  "Vietnam War Nurses Oral History Project."

2008 Speaker -
Major General Steve Gower AO, Director, Australian War Memorial "Remembrance and Commemoration."

2006 Speaker -
Professor Kwong Lee Dow AM  "Contrasting education in the Time of Albert Coates with Education Today."

2004/2005 Speaker -
Professor Geoffrey Blainey AC "Australia in Peril: Pearl Harbour to the Coral Sea."

2003 Speaker  -
John E H Edwards  MMus, BA  "Ethics, Morality and Other Things."

2002 Speaker -
Professor  Robin Sharwood AM - "Finding the Way"

Inaugural Speaker  2001 -
Professor  Bruce Barraclough  FRACS - "Sir Albert Coates - A Life"

Visit the University of Ballarat website for award application and Coates Oration details. (CLICK HERE http://www.ballarat.edu.au/current-students/scholarships/albert-coates-awards)

Coates Oration Presentation Ceremonies

health nurse scholarshipNursing scholarship recipients Anna Steer, Debra Daniels and Jane Lovell with Coates Trust Chairman Ted Lynes (l) and Trust Secretary Roger Trudgeon(r), 2010.

health nurse scholarship debra 02
Prof. Bruce Waxman congratulates Debra Daniels on receiving her Emergency Nursing Scholarship, 2010


health nurse scholarship debra 03Debra Daniel, nursing scholarship recipient, addressing the Coates Oration Dinner, 2010

 * Rural Health Awards, University of Melbourne Rural Health Academic Centre

Introduced in 2010, in association with the University of Melbourne's Rural Health Academic Centre, the award provides a $2,500 prize to the top student enrolled in the rural health course.  Contact the Trust for further information.


2015 - Ellie Bowditch
       - Brendan McCarthy
2014 - Hajar Hasan Kheslat

2013 - Matthew Payne
2012 - Jack Kane
2011 - Lachlan Brennan, Matt Morey
2010 - Anna Steer, Jane Katherine Lovell

 * Albert Coates Secondary College Prizes

In 2005, The Trust comenced a program to present awards to Secondary Colleges in the Ballarat area with cash prizes going to the winning students and to their college. The Inspirational Awards, as they became known recognised achievement in completing projects relevant to the objectives of the Coates Trust. The awards were discontinued in 2012.

For two students entering years 11/12:

2005 - Aura Hill,  Jessica Henneken, Mount Clear Secondary College
2006 - No Award
2007 - No Award
2008 - No Award
2009 - No Award
2010 - Bec Lister
2011 - No Award
2012 - Award Discontinued

* Rotary Club of Melbourne - Sir Albert Coates Young Achiever Award

The Young Achiever Award is made to ' a selected person within the age group of seventeen to twenty-five years who has made an outstanding achievement in pursuit of a profession and been involved directly, in a significant way, in community service activities.  It was determined in 2014 to discontinue with this award.


2014 - Award Discontinued
2013 - Tiffany Hunter
2012 - Andrew Asten
2011 - Nick Orchard
2010 - Nicholas MacKay
2009 - Hugo Batten
2008 - Tim Foster
2007 - Ali Ahmad Alamein
2006 - Elise Klein
2005 - Chris Lewin
2004 - Hugh  Evans
2003 - Zerina  Lokmi

rotory club 01 rotory club 02
Nick Orchard, 2011 winner Young achiever's Award addressing the Presentation Lunch at the Rotary Club of Melbourne. Nick Orchard receiving his award from the Governor of Victoria, Prof. David de Kretser.

* Mount Pleasant Primary School - Grade Six Student Prizes

A prize is offered to the boy and girl who submit the best Coates related projects as part of their year's work.

Students are encouraged to investigate the meaning of Albert Coates' life and present their findings in the form of posters, booklets or other media.

Awarded annually since 2003.

Records of winners held by the Coates Trust and the school.

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