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The Trust will continue its active program of activities during 2016. Watch the website for details of new events as they are confirmed.  For further information on future Orations contact the Trust via the email form on this website, ring the Secretary of the Trust on (03) 5368 9085, or write to P.O. Box 2478, Bakery Hill, Victoria, 3354 to be put on the mailing list for forthcoming events.

Next Events

Coates Oration 2016

Lt. General David Morrison AM, 2016 Australian of the Year

Coates Oration 2016
Lt. General David Morrison AM is the presenter of the 2016 Coates Oration to be held on Monday, October 10th, 2016.  The Oration is presented in Ballarat by Federation University Australia, in association with the Coates Trust. The Oration is free and the Coates Trust Oration Dinner is held immediately afterwards. 

To be placed on the mailing list or to enquire about the Oration you can call the ACMT Secretary on (03) 5368 9085 or email the Trust at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Bookings for the oration and the dinner are essential and the cost per head for the dinner will be around $50.00.  Details will be posted in July for bookings. Cheques for the dinner are payable to the "Albert Coates Memorial Trust" can be sent to Oration Dinner, Albert Coates Memorial Trust, P.O. Box 2478, Bakery Hill, Victoria.  3354.

coates oration

Photo: Andrew Smith Uni. of Ballarat, Prof. Mark Hogarth, Burnett Institute, Ted Lynes Coates Trust Chair at the 2011 Oration.

Previous Orations

2015 Coates Oration - Dr. Lachlan Grant 
The 2015 Coates oration was held on Thursday, October 22nd.  The speaker was Dr. Lachlan Grant, Historian, Australian War Memorial who spoke on "Voices from the Past: recovering memories of POWs for The Changi Book, 70 years on. Over 100 people attended to hear the moving testimony of Changi prisoners who wrote of their experiences whilst in the POW camp.  A highlight of the talk was the film footage taken at the camp in the days after it was liberated in 1945.  The Changi Book can be purchased from the Australian War Memorial online shop.

2014 Coates Oration
The 2014 Oration was presented by Lt. General Ken GillespieAC DSC CSM (Retired). Lt. General Gillespie retired as Chief of Australa's Army in 2011 and currently chairs the Commonwealth Government's Centenary of ANZAC Committee.  He spoke on "Serving Australia: the ANZAC Legacy of Albert Coates", reflecting on what makes genuinely great Australians and issues surrounding the commemoration of the ANZAC centenary.  An audience of over 100 people attended the oration, held at the School of Mines Campus of Fedration University Australia.

2013 Coates Oration
The 2013 Coates Oration was presented by Dr. Rosalind Hearder on Thursday, October 24th.  Dr. Hearder spoke on "Coates and Co., Australian Doctors in Japanese Captivity during the Second World War."  The Oration was presented in the Court House Theatre, SMB Campus, University of Ballarat, Lydiard Street South, Ballarat.   As in previous years the Oration was followed by the Oration Dinner with an audience of around 100 people.  The dinner comenced at 7.30pm and was held at the Old Gaol Union Building, SMB Campus, University of Ballarat.

2012 Coates Oration

The Coates Oration was presented this year by Lynette Silver on Thursday, October 25th at the Brewery Theatre, SMB Campus, University of Ballarat at 6.00pm.  The presentation was entitled "Beyond the Call".

2011 Coates Oration
This year's oration was held at the University of Ballarat on Thursday, November 10th at 6.00pm.  The speaker was Prof. Mark Hogarth, Burnett Institute.  He spoke on "Medical research and 21st century biotechnology.  A triumph over adversity?".

2010 Coates Oration
The speaker at the 2010 Oration was Associate Professor Bruce Waxman.
The topic of the oration was "Triumphs and disasters: journeys of a Surgeon's life"

2009 Coates Oration
Dr Lynn Hemmings delivered the 2009 Oration at the Brewery Theatre, SMB Campus, University of Ballarat on November 12th.  Her presentation focussed on an oral history project that involved 20 of the 43 nurses who served in the Vietnam War.  The near capacity audience was spellbound by the presentation which featured extensive quotations from the nurses about their experiences and the impact these had on their lives.

2008 Coates Oration
The 2008 speaker was Major General Steve Gower, Director of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. The Oration was delivered at the School of Mines Campus of the University of Ballarat on Tuesday, November 25th, 2008.

Previous Luncheon Speakers

The 2016 Lunch with Speaker address was presented by The Hon. Rob Knowles AO on Wednesday, March 16, 2016.  He spoke on Bullying in the Professions. The Hon. Rob Knowles chaired the inquiry, set up in March, 2015, into the issues surrounding bullying conducted for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS). Rob Knowles is a former Victorian Health Minister and current Chair of the Royal Children's Hospital.  He represented the Ballarat Province as Minister for Housing & Aged Care (1992-1996).

The first 2015 Lunch with Speaker presenter was Paul Sheahan, on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.   The presentation was titled "Flotsam & Jetsam" and focused on the changing context for young people today and the way education needs to adjust approaches to engage effectively.  115 people attended.
The May, 2014 Lunch with Speaker presenter was Wayne Rigg who spoke on his role working with the aviation arm of the Country Fire Authority.  He spoke of the technology involved and the many challenges faced by those helping to fight fires from the air.

The September, 2013 Lunch with Speaker presenter was Rev. Bryan Nichols who spoke on his role in Chaplaincy and as a Justice of the Peace. He also shared some of his interest in military history and travelling to former battlefield sites.
The March, 2013 Lunch with Speaker presenter was Andrew Thomas, photographer and graphic designer speaking on "Wonderland of Waterfalls: A Roving Camera in Victoria's Highlands". 

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